Brittany Engel-Adams

Is an artist working at the intersection of dance and technology.

Publication of 'Architecture of Memory'
From Movement Research Performance Journal: ‘It could be theorized that blackness is that experience constituted by a naturalized lack of plot, history, and the ontological fortitude those things convey. This formulation is broached in ‘Architecture of Memory,’ where artist Brittany Engel-Adams uses digital art techniques in order to (re)member ancestral performances. By (re)presenting the gestures that were her own necessary precondition, (i.e.those of her relatives) the artist forms a togetherness that transcends the self as a discreetly positioned thing in space-time and (re)supposes a possibility of experience both contingent upon and in excess to the phenomenal and causal.'

Brittany Engel-Adams is an artist working at the intersection of dance and technology. Her work is usually live, and uses online data and software to consider the role of bodies in our collective future. Brittany’s work has been presented at the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac Paris, Works & Process at The Guggenheim Museum NY, Movement Research Performance Journal, New Media Caucus Symposium at Virginia Tech and other venues. Brittany is on the faculty at the department of dance at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Forthcoming: Spring 2023 | Nancy Manocherian's the cell theatre, Artist Residency program.